PSM with BC660K-GL ( AT command and Quecopen example)

I am developing NBIoT application with BC660K-GL module. I have used AT+CPSMS command to enable and set PSM parameter, but i do not know how to check when module is in sleep mode or wake up. Please give me a guide with AT command or Quecopen example to check it. Thank you so much !


Quectel_BC660K-GL_AT_Commands_Manual_V1.1.pdf (912.7 KB)

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What is the AT command sequence to set module enter PSM mode? I try with
AT+CPSMS =1,“10000001”,“10000001” but seem it can not enter PSM. Please give me a guide.

You need to confirm with the carrier that the SIM card you use and the APN corresponding to the SIM card support PSM mode

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yes, i confirm about it. My SIM card is provided by Viettel with NB1 package.

Please follow at commands and upload

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Here is my result of above command sequence :

[2022-04-12_08:37:08:673]+CPSMS: 0,“10000001”,“10000001”

[2022-04-12_08:37:37:162]+CEREG: 5,1,“61AC”,“0900F216”,9,“11100000”,“11100000”

[2022-04-12_08:38:02:358]+CGPADDR: 0,“”

[2022-04-12_08:38:18:911]+CGDCONT: 0,“IP”,“NBIOT”,“”

[2022-04-12_08:38:38:717]+CEDRXS: 5,“0101”

[2022-04-12_08:39:01:005]+CEDRXRDP: 0

[2022-04-12_08:39:18:975]+CEREG: 5,1,“61AC”,“0900F216”,9,“11100000”,“11100000”


pls help me check whether it enter PSM mode or not ? If yes, how can i check the result on my kit ?

The NB network or APN may not support PSM

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[2022-04-12_09:13:25:036]+QNBIOTEVENT: “ENTER PSM”
[2022-04-12_09:14:05:637]+QNBIOTEVENT: “EXIT PSM”
[2022-04-12_09:14:23:015]+CSCON: 1
[2022-04-12_09:14:23:671]+CEREG: 1,“61AC”,“090A0E16”,9,“00011110”,“11100000”
[2022-04-12_09:14:33:660]+CSCON: 0
[2022-04-12_09:15:33:588]+QNBIOTEVENT: “ENTER PSM”
[2022-04-12_09:19:15:492]+CEREG: 5,1,“61AC”,“090A0E16”,9,“00011110”,“11100000”


Now the active-time is 2 seconds (000), but the Periodic-TAU still 111.
Why i see “ENTER PSM” and “EXIT PSM” output ? Does it indicate that module enter PSM or not ?

Well, now by log, the terminal can access PSM

You don’t need to wake up via TAU, you can wake up via PSM_ENIT pins

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Thank you Herbert.

  • What is your base to conclude now module can access PSM? Is it “ENTER PSM” and “EXIT PSM” log ?
  • I want to set TAU timer to check module enter PSM and exit PSM automatically. Please give me an advise of AT command sequence to do that.

Do you know what the TAU timer is?
I can’t tell from the log how long the TAU cycle is
Usually TAU wake_up are not suitable for your application, I recommend PSM_ENIT wake_up

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Yes, i understand about TAU timer. I will test PSM_EINT wake up later. Now, pls kindly to advise an AT command sequence to enter PSM and check PSM status with TAU.

waiting for TAU or PSM_ENIT wake_up

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1/ I push PSM_EINT button on kit to wake_up, but it seem that it can’t occur. ( no see +QNBIOTEVENT: “EXIT PSM” when push button ) . Please give me an advise about it.
2/ I set active time (T3324) = 10s , periodic TAU (T3412) = 28s by command at+cpsms=1,01101110,00000100, but it does not exit and enter PSM automatically when time out. Please help me to check its log below:

Screenshot 2022-04-12 152913

I think this error because T3412 deactive (111) in CEREG, is it right?

1、Push the PSM_EINT pin to wake up the module in sleep mode. If you then send data with the command, the module will wake up the Modem, the base band of the module will start working, and if you do not send any data, the module AP will soon go into sleep mode again.
2、The parameters you set are only the request values. The actual values are subject to network delivery;"11100000"I think it is possible that the value sent by the network exceeds the range defined by the program

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Now i can set the reasonable value for TAU timer. Thank you Herbert.
I wait for timeout, but do not see " EXIT PSM " in logout. Can you explain and give me some advise ?

Are you sure you have the following AT Command?

Is there any other log output after TAU wakes up?

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Yes, I have sent these command and module response is OK, but no log output when TAU timeout. Will the module automatically wake up when TAU timeout ? and we have log “EXIT PSM” , is it right ?

Yes,that’s for sure!

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