PSM enter timing and current burst explanation

Hello I’m working with BG950A-GL,
Can someone explain what’s happening after “PSM POWER DOWN” URC is received?

From my measurement current consumption is reduced to about 33µA for about 5sec,
then some bust occurs for about 2s and then ultra low current consumption is reached (less than 3µA).

Is this documented somewhere? Are timings and current burst always the same?

(I also noticed a bug: if a reset pulse occurs before entering PSM, the mysterious current burst after “PSM POWER DOWN” occurs but is way shorter and current consumption stays around 30µA)

Any idea?

Thanks you,


Hi Thomas,

For BG95xA-GL series module, after received “PSM POWER DOWN” URC, module will not enter PSM immediately, modem will do some operations to save configurations, so the current will a bit higher ,around 30μA. but after a while the current will reduced to 3uA and that time module will enter PSM totally.

I received the URC after pulling down Pon_trig to enter PSM, but after pulling up Pon_trig to wake up the device from PSM, it seems that the device did not wake up and the UART cannot communicate anymore. Where did my process go wrong? Thank you very much for your help!