Programming BC660K-GL-TE_B KIT using UART under Linux

I appreciate that your official documentation for programming BC660 uses Windows OS. I will however want be able to program with Linux.

We are migrating our custom boards that uses the BC66 which we program in Linux using a Python script. Currently we use a simple 1.8V FTDI cable and a switch which is tied to RESET pin15 on the BC66. We momentarily pull to ground and start the programming.

I will like to use a similar setup for programming the BC660 using the UART.

Any help will be appreciated.

I think you’re a tech whiz :grinning:. You should can try to solve it yourself. Currently we have no attempt to compile on Linux

Hi herbert.pan-Q,
Thanks for your reply. Solving or writing the code is not a problem. The problem I find is getting accessing to relevant documentation such as the reference manual that would help point to what registers needs to be written to and read from.

At the moment I can get the BC660-GL kit into boot mode according to the user guide by holding the “boot” button and pressing “reset” button or power cycle.

The board goes into boot mode so what is next? What instructions do I have to send to the board to make the it start expecting data (firmware.bin) to be sent.


Hello @ola.oni , if you find a solution to flash the module using Linux, that will be wonderful.

Our team also tried to figure out a way to do that, but with no success. AFAIK, Quectel has no intention of supporting it in Linux, unfortunately :frowning: