Programatically enabling and disabling SIM1 and SIM2 on a solution leveraging SC20

Hi all,

For the SC20 ( i’m specifically using the SC20-AU) i’m looking for a way to run two SIM’s in a very specific way.
SIM1 = Primary and active
SIM2 = Secondary and disabled.

I require tight control over when the second SIM is used based on some rules&tests executed in the Android Tier, this is based on varying data allowances and costs associated with the two SIM’s.

I’m looking for guidance on how I can at a low level control which SIM was being used.

i’m wondering if this can be done via AT commands, and i’m hunting down the specific manual that has the AT commands for the SC20 / SC20-AU module.

If any of these commands require a re-start of the Module, is that a full re-boot of the entire module and the android stack running on it, or is that a re-start of just the radio sub-systems?

Dear customer:
I think you requirements have been done in Settings application.

you can find this configuration in Settings->SIM cards