Problmes with EC25-E Driver Windows 10 32 bits

Hello Quectel,

I’m using the EC25-E with Firmware: EC25EFAR06A11M4G

I would need last FIRMWARE and drivers for Windows 10 32 bits please.
We have a major issue with using this modem when we restart the adapter from powershell script (to reinitialize statistics).
We loose “cellular” in Network Status and in fact the real connexion to broadband. The only way to get it back is to return to microsoft driver version “Generic mobile broadband”. Then after that no matter what we try the Quectel driver is broken and we can’t get Cellular back with it.



Hi @ShadowLich
Please give me your email address and I will send you the driver.

I sent it via MP, but so far I didn’t receive anything…

EDIT: Also it is the one in my profile to use anyway.