Problems with EG91 AT+QCOPS scans


We are using the AT+QCOPS command.

We do not seem to see 4G operators when we issue AT+QCOPS=7,0

We do see the 4G operators when we issue an AT+QCOPS=7.1 scan (which takes much longer)

The “7” should indicate we are scanning all bands i.e. 2G+3G+4G we understand.

Can you explain why this is the case? Thanks, Alex

fyi - @Sebastiii

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  • We are currently investigating but it may be that an 04 firmware release works correctly with 7,0

  • From above you can see we have an 06 release which does not work (replicable on two different systems in different physical locations in the UK

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Thanks :blush:
Hoping that a fix can work :+1:

Can somebody from Quectel comment on whether this is an issue with the QCOPS command please.

And where can we obtain the 06 (and 04 ideally) firmware to test in an EG91 modem? Thanks.

Presumably we can do the update with QFlash?

A colleague has verified that A06 also doesn’t work for him.

Quectel advised us to use QCOPS and it doesn’t work.

Can SOMEBODY please respond as a matter of urgency.