Problems to get data with L26ADR-S89

Hi, I am starting to use the L26ADR-S89 module, and despite receiving several messages, the ones that are important to me always come empty (image attached).

I am using a passive antena with impeddance of 50 ohms, but the antenna status message is always received like this:


and -1 is not a possible status for the antenna. The Protocol Specification says the possible options are:
0 = Antenna NORMAL
1 = Antenna OPEN
2 = Antenna SHORT

Is there any extra configuration to be made in order to get the module working and recongnize sattelites and stuff? The main message I would like to receive will be the $GPVTG . If someone can help me get started I will be really thankful!

Dear Sir

  1. Please check your firmware version through the following command: $PSTMGETPAR,1500
  2. Please provide the schematic diagram
  3. Please refer to the attached document for the usage method, hope it will be helpful to youQuectel_L26-DR_Application_Note_V1.0.pdf (691.3 KB)

Sending that command I receive the following message:


the schematic is basically:

VCC pin = 3.3V

RF_IN pin = antenna connection (since it is a 50 ohm passive antenna, no circuit for matching impedances has been placed)

pins GND = all conected in the same ground plane

I am using the rx and tx pins for uart communication, and that’s it. All other pins are not connected, since I am not using a lot of functions right now.

Dear Sir
Antenna detection is mainly to detect the status of the active antenna; the passive antenna you use does not need to read the entry sentence, please ignore this sentence.

Ok, I will ignore that sentence, thank you. But still, other messages are coming empty.

Assuming that our antenna is working fine, is there any configuration besides powering the module to get all the data in standard messages (GPVTG, GANGSA, …)?

Dear Sir
The GNSS antenna needs to be placed in a place where there is a signal, such as outdoors, to be able to locate.
Quectel_L26-DR_Application_Note_V1.0.pdf (691.3 KB) Please refer to the attached application manual, thank you!

So I am now getting the signal, the problem was the passive antenna that was not strong enough. With an active antenna and using the sugested schematic from the datasheet, it is working now.

Thank you.