Problems sending 0xFF character over Transparent TCP connection

I am using a EG91-EX module to send data to a server over a transparent mode TCP connection.
All characters are being received OK except 0xFF characters and the character imediately after them.

How can I force the EG91-EX to send 0xFF and the charater that follows it?



Dear Twilson,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
For your issue, if the module enter into transparent mode, it should not have no such issue. From your description, the server cannot receive 0XFF ? For module, it can send any data after module enter into transparent mode. Could you help to provide your whole test log to us, then we can help to check the reason. The log you provided should contains module FW version. Thanks!

Thanks for the quick reply.
I have tested the server end with one of our existing products and had the same problem.
Should have done this in the 1st place to save everyones time.
I am using RealTerm as a test server. Switching it from Telnet to Raw mode fixed the issue.

OK, got it. Thanks for your updating. Thanks!