Problem with RF Performance

We are using MC60 module, with firmware Revision: MC60CAR01A15. We are facing problem with GSM signal strength with comes about 15-18 out of 32, we are following RF Layout Application Note document to optimise the RF performance, but it’s not clear how to determine the correct values of R1,C1,C2 in PI matching circuit. Please suggest how to determine the PI matching circuit values.

What command did you use to get GSM signal strength, AT+CSQ ?
If you read signal strength of 15 with ‘AT+CSQ’ means RSSI is -83dbm,The signal is strong.
Suggestion just keep 0ohm to PI.

Hi @brown.du-Q

With AT+CSQ command in our design, we are seeing rssi (quality) about 15 to 17 with ber=0. However, under the network conditions, the signal quality with MC60 EVB is 27-29. Hence I assume the problem is that our design is not RF optimized.

Please help how to tune the RF performance?


Hi trakbond,
Is the antenna of your devices the same as the MC60 EVB antenna ?
Antenna of the MC60 EVB should be an external antenna. The efficiency of our external antennas are usually above 40%.
If you use an internal antenna for the devices, you need an antenna engineer to design the antenna and Pi matching for your whole machine.First you need to test the antenna efficiency.