Problem with MC60-TE-A modul can't get gnss data


I am using MC60-TE-A modul and connect with EVB-GSM board.
In QCOM V1.6 I can send AT commands perfectly. I can switch GNSS power supply.
But then when I write AT commands for get position data, it will receive this
+QGNSSRD: $GNRMC,163531.086,V,0.00,0.00,210220,N*5D
The time and date is correct but other informations are empty.

Can I miss something? (The GNSS antenna is connected ; I don’t use SIM card)

Dear Sir,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
About your question, could you help to provide more information, such as more log files. And It always have such phenomenon, or just a period of time ? If you go on check the NEMA information, whether it will get the right position information and time. Please help to double check it. Then we can help you to solve this issue. Thanks!

HI, It always have such phenomenon.

I am using some of software but none of give the position data. (QNavigator ; QCOM)
Here is some pictures:

I an using the first time quectel module, sorry if I don’t mean what you want.
I hope this pictures help solve my problems.

This is how I wiring the antennas.

Dear Sir,
Thanks for your information.
Please note that the GNSS antenna should be placed at outdoor without interference, should not placed at indoor.
Normally, it should get the position in 40 seconds after you power on GNSS engine with AT+QGNSSC=1, if you use AGPS technology, the time should be reduced.You can check it. Thanks!