Problem with listing FTP file names on M66 OpenCPU with AT+QFTPNLST


I have a hardware with quectel M66 module.I use M66 Open CPU.

I am trying to open an FTP connection and get the file list on FTP with AT+QFTPNLST

FTP connection opens without problems ( AT+QFTPSTAT returns OPENED ). I can get, put etc. on FTP. AT+QFTPNLST returns OK , CONNECT , and +QFTPNLST:1 but not the file name list.

When use AT Command with by default firmware it give proper File name list. But in open cpu it not give proper file name


Hello, please provide the firmware model and SDK version of the module.Are you testing with Example in the SDK?


SDK Version - SDK 2.3
Firmware model - APPGS3MDM32A01

Yes We check In Example

Please send the full name of the version of the SDK.Using ATI to query the underlying firmware version, you are sending the application layer firmware version.thank you

SDK Version - M66_OpenCPU_GS3_SDK_V2.3_Eclipse

Firmware model - M66FAR02A06BT


Any update for me ?

Hello ,

Please Share latest SDK version & Firmware model.


Is there any solution for it ?