Problem with GPS-Date in UC20


I have noticed that from December the GPS-Locations comes with a false Date in the UC20-Modem.

I have found this Information from Quectel in which they warns about that problem in March

But I have not been able to find any other information with solutions.
Is there any Documentation with Solutions?
The date for the Position is essential for my goals.

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Dear Mcan,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
Sorry for that bring any inconvence for you. Please check the following document about how to solve your issue. Thanks!
Quectel_UC20_Time_Synchronization_Application_Note_V1.0.pdf (237.1 KB)
You also can send email to to get the latest firmware, we have solve it in the latest firmware. Thanks!

Sorry for (eventually) hijacking this forum thread, but it seems related to what I’m seeing.

I’m seeing similar issue on EC20 with EC20EQAR02A13E2G, getting following GPRMC GPS message:

$GPRMC,140723.0,A,*private*,N,*private*,E,0.0,,150600,0.0,E,A*27 (private = redacted the output for privacy)

Where time 14:07:23 is correct, but 150600 date is way off, 15.6.2000 is not 30.1.2020 as would one expect.

Dear Ynezz,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
As you know that EC20E module already EOL for a long time, you’d better to change to EC25 module as sooon as possible. Thanks!

Here is a fix I’ve received for EC20:

Thanks for your updateing. You can go on your test. Thanks!

Hi, we apply steps in document. But it did not fix GPS NMEA sentence time is wrong







Dear Sir,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum. For your issue, it is better to check whether you use the same module with the above. Thanks!

My Question is about UC20 not EC20. This is module’s revision
Revision: UC20GQCR03A16E1G

Dear Sir,
Please check the answers to your question in another topic that you have raised. Thanks!

I did this work but I lost my connection to satelite.
Ho can I return the default value?

Did you found any solution for your problem?