Problem with fixing GPS

Hi, good day.
I have designed a tracker using the mc60 module. My problem is that the duration of fixing GPS signals is very long and several hours. Even after being fixed, valid signals are constantly disconnected, while most of the time they are invalid. The antenna I use is a small active ceramic antenna. I have used ufl connector. I have placed a feeding path for the antenna, and the path of the antenna signal on the pcb is completely smooth and without bending. The power supply of both gsm and gps parts is 3.7V. At the same time, the test was carried out in outdoor. Everything seems correct except the test results. Please guide me in this problem.
Thanks in advance.

ok, please only plug in GNSS antenna, do not connect gsm and bt antenna, then use AT command to open the power part of gnss, and then use “AT+CSQ” to query the current antenna signal, generally the value above 25 is good, and below 10 is weak signal, you need to ensure that your gnss antenna signal is normal. If the signal is good, you need to ensure that your current position, the module needs to be outdoors, with no buildings or trees above it.

You need to make sure the module is in the open air