Problem with EC25-E and codec NAU8814

I am currently using your EC25-E módem connected to a NAU8814 audio codec. The problem is that when I try to read NAU8814 registers using AT+QIIC command, the returned value is always 0x00. I know this is an error because some registers have a non zero value (i.e. register 0x3E).
Command: AT+QIIC=1,0x1A,0x3E,1. Answer: +QIIC: 0x00
FW revision is EC25EFAR06A06M4G
Could you please help with this issue?
Thanks a lot.

Hello Juan
Before you execute AT+QIIC command, you should deploy digital audio interface NAU8814, our module default is ALC5616, you can execute AT+QDAI cammand choose the right codec, then reboot your module and retry, thank you.

Hello Duncan,
I have already solved the problem, just reading the register always with 2 bytes and using the register address multiplied by 2.
Best regards.