Problem with AT+CBC MC60

Hello, I am using M66 and MC60E in my projects. I have used them for about 3 years and no problem with this command. Last project is running for almost 2 yrs. Without ANY software or hardware changes on the device, that command suddenly stop giving the correct % and mV as an answer.
Here is example:
g<+CBC: (0-2),(0-100),(voltage)
g<+CBC: 0,100,5605
As you see a voltage of 5.6 VDC from a LiPO battery is impossible. I have changed many batteries - same problem.
Any ideas?

Edit: the battery is Nokia 5BL-C and I am using only the positive and negative poles of the battery.

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Hello, seems I have found the problem.
When in DTR sleep, you have to wake up with LOW on DTR. I had to put a delay of appr 5000 ms after LOW-DTR and before sending AT+CBC. Then I am receiving correct baterry level readings.For all other AT commands no delay is needed.
PLS check if my statement is correct.

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I think you are right, you can test the voltage of the two pins VDD and VBAT

Hi, here is some more info: I have run the device for approximately 24 hours (with the 5 second delay) and occasionally again I have readings of 5.6 VDC. There is no point of measuring the voltage on these pins, since there is no way a LiPO battery to deliver 5.6 volts.
What am I doing wrong?

Here is a picture of AT+CBC command given approximately every 5 minutes. The moduke is in DTR sleep. After waking up the module I wait 5 seconds, then I send the command. As you see it usually works, but eventualy I have again wrong readings.
What could be the solution?
Can somebody help?
PS: The readings are in VDC direktly read from the answer from the module.

You can try to wait a little longer, it will take some time for the module to re-initialize the hardware after waking up, 5s May be too short