Problem while reading data from SD card MC60 module

Hi there,

I am facing problem while reading data from sd card. I am using core version A14 MC60 eval board and SDK version 1.7.

SD card is 32 GB

<–Ql_FS_GetFreeSpace(storage=2) =32081117184–>
[2021-09-15 05:14:42:733_R:] ** DATA already there: êªà‚
bytesRead: 5 ret:0
[2021-09-15 05:14:42:733_R:] ** FILE SIZE: 77

I am able to get file size of config.txt but unable to read the file. It is showing some garbage data.

Dear ck90420

Have you changed the encoding format to display?Is it also garbled to write and then read directly using THE SDK-wrapped API?Please confirm. Thank you.