Problem in upgrading 5G RG500L firmware

We have a 5G modem with EVB module type RG500LEU LGA. We decided to change firmware to latest version. When we send ATI command to the modem, the following response is received:


To upgrade the firmware to the latest version ( RG500LEUACR04A02M8G_OCPU_20.001.20.001), we use ETS port and different baud rates using QFlash version 5.8. When we select XML file to load necessary files from firmware package, the start button in QFlash is activated and after pressing start button, we wait couple of seconds (less than 30 second) and then we press reset button on EVB (this procedure is described in QFlash version 5.8 document). But After a while we get the following error:

Fail_ThinModemFlashTool_DL fail!

What is the reason?

Our EVB KIT part number is:

Our module part number is:

What we need:
the lastest version of firmware & Update_tools & AT_Command_Manual for RG500LEUAB-M28UGASA

My email:

Dear @White_Saber
Sorry for the late, did you solve the issue now?
If not, please share the picture of module, it is strange that the firmwre you queried is RG500Q.

yep,and can u provide the latest firmware ?

these are pictures