Problem accessing ttyHSL0 port on EC25

Problem: During development, we run the application in ‘sudo adb shell’ mode.
During this mode, we are able to access UART for reading and writing. But during the Linux auto start (during deployment), when the application is running, we are unable to get access to UART, it is wiring on the port but not reading from the port.
We are using ttyHSL0.

In the documents it is mentioned that we will have access to both RX and TX.
It seams that it is blocked for reading from the port.

I have tried all Linux options like change mode of the port and other permissions, nothings seems to work.

Dear Bapayya,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
For your issue, coule you help to provide more information as below:

  1. You use standard solution not Quecopen solutio, right?
    2.If that, why you want to use ttuHSL0, not USB or main UART port ?
    3.Please note that if you use standard solution, it is not allow to access via ttyHSL0. Thanks!