Prepacking Audio files in External Nor Flash

I am using EC200U-CNAA with SDK Version LTE01R03A04
I have connected W25Q128 Nor flash SPI and it’s responding well with the Demo Program.
I am looking at the solutions where i can store the audio files into Ext SPI Nor Flash at the time of compilation using Prepack.json file
Is it possible to achieve solution for the same?

Hi @Inventor_TM,
If you know which json file it is then it should be pretty straightforward to you. Assuming your NOR flash is in 4-wire mode, the drive prefix would be /ext4n/.

Hi Victor.W,

Thank you for the response.
I tried as per your suggestion, yes i have connected Nor flash to Pin 37,38,39 & 40


and compiled successfully. During downloading merge.pac using Qflash6.9 getting the error at Prepack downloading operation

I am using UFS:Simerr.mp3 (syntax) to play file on module
what syntax i shall write to play the file from ext Nor flash