PowerGPS tool setup file Windows-10 for Quectel's MC60

I am working with Quectel’s MC60, currently trying to capture GPS coordinates using GNSS AT commands. So, I require PowerGPS tool setup file for Windows-10. Kindly, share a link for the same.

As per my knowledge, Quectel dose not provide the PowerGPS tool with the SDK’s. You can find other requied tools & documents here. (Qcom, QFlash etc.)

you must contact to support@quectel.com to get the tool from Quectel’s official site.

I have found some link where you can get this tool for free.
Go through following links will help to get the PowerGPS Tool.

Software Informer : PowerGPS2.2
Software Informer : PowerGPS 2.3

Okay. Thank you Sir.

Please download from:https://cnquectel-my.sharepoint.com/:u:/g/personal/europe-fae_quectel_com/EfgNZIruMdZEq39NmssnQcMBWmM6QtwCEPChHjVmTiqwvg?e=2Sf6iB

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Not able to load this Link for for PowerGPS tool setup , can you please share updated link ?

Dear Sir
The link is as follows, please download, thank you!


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