Power Off GPS with L76K


I read on specification specification v2.0 that some GPS modules can power off / stand-by with PMTK161 command. stand-by = power off - wake with any command.

But on a document on another site with version 1.1 the commamd PMTK161 is absent.

Does the L76K supports standby / power off command? Maybe I will need a firmware update?

Thank you!

Hi Clavisound,

Please double check the model mark on module shielding case. The protocol specification you refered to is not feasible for L76K. I will send you related document via message.

L76K is a ROM base module, which means it doesn’t have a firmware.

Best regards.

L76K supports Standby mode and Backup mode for power sensitivity application.

Thank you for the clarification.

I suppose this is the source of information.