Power consumption using your gsm module

Hi Team,

In my board I am using the below peripherals running sending the gps data along with other battery, gpios information to server via TCP/IP mode.

What the power consumption approximately will consume for all the peripherals. And what could be the recommended battery rating for 2 days with every 5 minute data interval from

Device to server? My battery capacity voltage is 3.7V, xxxmAh?

And share the module idle current + continuous module running consumption and sleep and wakeup currents?

Do you have any tool to check the power consumption before making any new solution using your Mc60 module? I am not interested in the openCPU module.

  1.   Mc60 module
  2.   Mcu controller
  3.   speaker
  4.   mike
  5.   sim card (2G + GPRS)
  6.   Battery charger IC circuit
  7.   Power management IC circuit
  8.   LED array indications (gps, gsm, battery charging)
  9.   SPI flash for data storage
  10. Micro usb power section for charging and debugging
  11. I2c based accelerometer sensor               


The current of the module in normal operation is about 30ma, and it is about 1 to 5ma in sleep mode. If you want to test the power consumption, you can directly test the current of the module. Our voltage is constant