Power Calculation based on data transmission with alteration in Power Output [dbm]

I was choosing the gsm module for my application. I want to register with 4G Network and want to transmit the data continously for 3 consecutive days.

I did some calculation along with power output (dbm) of the module. I noticed that in every datasheet power consumption is measured with highest power output of nearly 23dbm, but there is lack of current consumption with lowest power output [dBm], so tried to do some calculation according to the power output.

my flow of calculation is as below.

  1. i searched for the dbm terminology and converted it to the milliwatt unit, so accordingly.
    1 dbm = 1.2589254118 mW
    23 dbm = 199.5262314969 mW

then i converted mW to the milliampere with standard operating current of 3.3V with this link (Watts/Volts/Amps/Ohms Calculator).

  1. 1.2589254118 mW = 0.38149255 mA
    2) 199.5262314969 mW = 60.46249439mA

so according to equation, if i am transmitting the data via 1dbm it should take atleast 0.38149255 mA, and 60.46249439mA when transmitting the data via 23dbm.

does my calculation is right?

is not how should i calculate the current when considering the dbm as my prime factor to reduce the power conusmption.

I’m not familiar enough with this to give you an authoritative judgment. However, from my point of view, your calculation is OK, but this data may not be available, because during the operation of the module, you cannot guarantee its power stability, and the current is also unstable. When the module is working in the radio frequency, it will generate a large current for an instant, so the current you calculate may not be a stable average current value for the module