Possibility for BC660K-QuecOpen to maintain settings during DFOTA

I am using the “file api” to store information in the product (Ql_FS_Open).
I have not implemented/tested DFOTA yet, but I a getting a little bit worried, when I read (Quectel_BC660K-GL_QuecOpen_NB5_SDK_Release_Notes_V1.0.pdf): “Application should re-configure user settings after DFOTA or QFLASH downloading.”

I have seen, that a QFLASH destroys user settings, but is it correct, that there is no way of storing device specific data during a DFOTA update?

BR Martin

Are you an individual developer or an enterprise user?

Enterprise user.
Is it better to write via the official support channels?

Please contact the sales, and the sales will tell you that it is more effective to deal with FAEs in your area by ticket