Please release linux option driver for newer kernels

I am developing for BG600L-M3 and under Windows development is OK, but I want to use Linux.
Undortunatelly the drivers provided by Quectel (Quectel_Linux_USB_Serial_Option_Driver_V1.0) do not support kernels after 5.3.1.
Currently 5.14 is released and 5.3 is not used in most modern distributions.
Could you please support linux kernel 5.14? Or at least give me instructions how to modify the code to work on that kernel?

pls kindly download the newest option serial driver from the below cmd:

it support kernel 5.3

Hi again!

Linux kernel 5.3 was released over two years ago and is no longer used by my distribution. Is there any plans to release newer driver?

pls check the above folder , if you have urgent request to support the newest kernal , pls contact with your sales 。

To us , the stable is importanter than new , thanks for your understanding

The Linux kernel 5.3 is already EOL and no longer receive updates.
If you really care about the stability, you should support longterm maintenance kernel releases.
The latest longterm kernel release is 5.10 now.

Why don’t you keep the 5.3 stable driver and release newer just for development? I need to be able to upload code under Linux