Please clear up confusion about presence of sim card holder and bulk capacitance for mini PCIe modules

Does the EG-25-G mini PCIe 4G/LTE Modem have a populated sim card holder? I was looking at photos of the product online from various vendors and in about half of them, the sim card is populated, and the rest do not have populated sim cards. If the card contains an unpopulated sim card, then do you have any known compatible sim card holders I could purchase that would be footprint compatible?

My second question is in regard to the reference power supply detailed in the mini PCIe design guide. I was wondering how much bulk capacitance is already on the board and I noticed large bulk capacitors mounted on the boards (again, looking at images online) and I was wondering if the reference design is referring to what is already mounted on the board, or if that is the capacitance needed for the board. And since the mini PCIe connector has multiple power input pins, do I need bypass capacitors per each pin?

Here is the power supply recomended in the design guide

Here are existing bulk capacitors (at least I think so) I have found on images of the device.

So, my question in brief, is, do I really need to implement the power supply recommendations in the design guide or is that a description of the existing on board power supply? Do you have any schematics of the mini pcie card?

Thank you in advance


1.EC25 Mini PCI-S module is a module with a SIM card seat on the board. Generally, ECEC25 Mini PCie module does not have a SIM card seat, so we designers need to design SIM-related circuits on the board.
2. As you can see, there are two black tantalum capacitors with large capacity (47uF) on the board. In the design of the board, large capacitors should also be added, 220uF is recommended