Playing from file on EG915U-EU

I loaded file bip.wav and trying to play after make call.

+QPSND: 0,1

It is not hearable in far-side.
Also according docs, response should have one param (+QPSND: 0) , but have two (+QPSND: 0,1).
Do You have some example sample wav and commands set for playing it on the far-side?

You can use AT+QPSND=? to check the support list first.
The normal command is as follows:

So it seems to be a bug or my file is wrong.
Can You send me some file sample?

Can You give some example tool for making/converting wav file that can be played on EG915U-EU (far-side)?
I tried a lot of samples, converted with different settings and still can’t play. I have only one file that plays, but don’t know how it was created.
Each time when it is not playing, there is +QPSND: 0,1
When plays, there is: +QPSND: 0

It was problem with wrong bit resolution. It must be 16-bit (I had 8-bit).
This is probably reported by the module via reply +QPSND: 0,1
But this is not docummented.

I would like to ask if this problem has been solved now. Do I still need relevant documents?

Yes, it i sresolved, thank You.