platformIO for BG95-M3

has anyone get platformIO to work for BG95-M3?

ME… but is not shared yet

can you help me on how to u did it? can you upload by using ‘upload’ in platformIO or still have to use QEFS explorer to upload to /datatx directory?

   can you tell me how to upload in platforimIO or  put a link to download the QEFS explorer for Bg95?

my port for PlatformIO use python uploader, no other softwares

for now you need ask Quectel for uploader
btw: QEFS is only for BG96


 I need a way to copy 'oem_app_path.ini' and 'quectel_demo.bin' into /datatx directory of BG95-m3.

Can you tell me how to do it?

Ask your local Quectel support for BG95 EFS uploader

ok, I will ask local quectel support for efs uploader.

can you share how u make bg95 project work in plantformIO?

as BG96 (and all ThreadX frameworks )


 is there a way u can share your PlatformIO for BG95-M3?  I tried to use your BG96 project as a starting point , still having some issues. 

my email is

Is BG95-M3 available ? The repo on github does not have BG95 working and throw errors. Can you please share the bg95 repo you are using in youtube demo videos for BG95?


PlarformIO ( ThreadX and Arduino ) for BG95 & BG77 for now is Closed Source


Can you share the repo? Is it closed because of under development or is it up for purchasing?