Persistent storage of manual network registration


I’m using the Quectel EC200S modem together with SIM cards for roaming, and need to use the manual operator selection via “AT+COPS=1,2,”",.
Before powering down the modem via AT+QPOWD, I disconnect from network by doing

However, I have seen that always after power on the modem again, it performs some automatic registration which I don’t want to have.
After power-on and waiting a few seconds, AT+COPS? reports:

+COPS: 0,0,“”,3

Is there a way to store persistently that no automatic registration is done after power on?

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I don’t think the RAT selection can be made persistent.

You could try AT+CFUN=0 instead of AT+COPS=2 before shutdown in case the AT+COPS=2 is preventing persistence.

You may need to execute AT+COPS=1,2,"<plmn>" at every startup.

If you want to permanently disable certain PLMNs, you can add those to the SIM’s Forbidden PLMNs file at SIM address 0x6F7B if that file has been included in your SIM.

You can see if that EF_FPLMN file exists by reading it with the command AT+CRSM=176,28539,0,0,0

If it exists, it’s user-editable.