Permanently enabled UAC

Is there a way to permanently enable UAC without a firmware hack?
Before saying no, just think about the words “firmware + hack”…
I want AT+QPCMV to always give =1,2

Did I ask for the moon?
Did I offend someone?
Anything, anyone?

Hello there
About UAC function, our module take this setting effect immediately. The parameters are not saved and will restore to default values after the module is restarted. Because UAC is only one of the functions of the module, we will not save the UAC parameters consistently, but only use the AT command to enable this function when needed.

Sorry, you didn’t read well. I’ve asked if there’s a way to modify the firmware to have it always enabled which doesn’t require hacking it.
How do I build the firmware myself? It’s all encrypted…
Do you provide firmware modifications?
Can I decrypt the firmware? What’s legal and what’s not?
I just want UAC permanently enabled on my modules, without getting “rogue”.

Hello there
Our standard firmware do not support decrypt, if you want achieve this feature, you can contact with our local FAE and R&D via, we will evaluate the requirement and check is it feasible, then determine whether to compile the new version and release it to the customer.

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