Periodic mode and Locus with the LC26G&LC76G&LC86G Series


With the LC26G&LC76G&LC86G Series, I use the PAIR_PERIODIC_SET_MODE like this:
$PAIR690,2,45,600,0,0*1E It starts the module for 45s every 600s.

And I use the locus mode like this:
$PAIR902,16,0*06 “Before entering sleep mode. Record before entering sleep.”

The idea behind this, is that the module, completely autonomously, takes a position and log it every 10min.

My question is: is there a way to force the module to go to sleep and log the position at the first well acquire position to maximize power saving, instead of waiting 45s (or another arbitrary period) for the module to go to sleep and log the position,

Thank you,


Hi Lucas,

LOCUS will not take effect during backup mode.

You can send " $PAIR650,0*25" command to force the module to backup mode, then cut the power off VCC and keep VBCKP powered.

The module can not record the position itself. You can record the last position before sleep by MCU.

Best regards.