PDP session does not activate and AT+QIACT return error all the time


I have this AG550QEU based EVB with revision AG550QEUABR03A01M8G_OCPU.

I am trying to do some TCP/UDP test on QNavigator but during the process all the versions of AT+QIACT return error ( i.e, AT+QIACT, AT+QIACT=1, AT+QIACT?, AT+QIACT=? all return error).

Any idea why does it return error all the time?

I believe that I have set up the APN configurations in a correct manner.

Further, I am utilizing this document → Quectel_LTE_Standard_TCP(IP)_Application_Note_V1.1.pdf

Thanks in advance

Hi,dear miozpolat
Quectel AG55xQ series modules support QuecOpen® solution. QuecOpen® is an open-source embedded development platform based on Linux system; it is intended to simplify the design and development of IoT applications.
For QuecOpen solution,LTE_Standard_TCP(IP)_Application is Not compatible. and we establishing a wireless data connection with data call.
The example codes can refer to sample/data_call/sample_multi_data_call, which we can find in our SDK “ql-ol-extsdk-ag550qeuabr03a03m8g_ocpu” ,

Thanks for you reply. Could you advice for more document and info regarding Quecopen?

There is a similar document regarding TCP-IP applications for AG35 series which has the same call flow consists of AT commands.

Perhaps I am using out of date firmware. Current firmware is AG550QEUABR03A01M8G_OCPU_01.001.01.001.