Output RF power LTE Band 8 (80000) BG 96

Good afternoon.

I would like to know what is the basic output spectrum power by deffect in
the bg 96 module, in order to know if the output carrier is a
single tone or a multi tone BY DEFECT.

In any case: How can I put an specific tone configurtation? Is there any AT command to
set it up?

Dear JJorfjorf ,

  1. For BG96 NB mode , we support 3,6,12 tone, How much tones is allocated by the network, which is not configurable in module side .

  2. The output spectrum power of BG96 follow class 3 ( Max TX output is 23dbm)

  3. It’s hard for us to judge how much tone be used by power. But we can get this data from

QXDM log ( modem log) .thanks