Optimal dialling with sim restrictions on access technology

I am using a BG96 with capability to use the following access technologies: EDGE/CatM1/NB1.

If I am connecting to EDGE, I need to use the following in the dialling procedure:

If I am connecting to NB1, I need to use the following instead:

This is working well, however, on some occasions I am using sims that only support a subset of these access technologies. Is there any way to tell what the restriction is other than to try a dialling procedure and wait for it to succeed or fail? Waiting for a dialling failure takes a long time and is therefore wasteful of battery.

Is there a command that will tell me what the sim will support without having to hit the network?

Hi Pdaj,

As I know , There is not one AT cmd can check your SIM provision , you have to contact with operator to check it .