Open CPU MC60E BLE Client


I am using MC60E module with an OpenCPU sdk to scan for BLE devices. But when i send the command

    **Ql_sprintf(strAT, "AT+QBTGATCSCAN=1,\"B001\"");**

** ret=Ql_RIL_SendATCmd(strAT, Ql_strlen(strAT),ATRsp_BLE_SCAN_Hdlr , (void )in_addr, 5000);*

The only response i get is " +QBTGATCSCAN: 1,0,“B001” ". And no data for scan devices are received. Is there any specific handler which i should call to receive the scanned BLE devices?
Also i am not able to find example code for BLE Client .

Thanks and Regards

When module as BLE client, you must first open the BLE then when performing a BLE process in registered a GATT client, and then start scanning, so there are other bluetooth devices around you open will be scan to you, otherwise you can not get the URC similar to the following: + QBTGATCSCAN: “B001”, 763 ccb96f5df, 77020 11 A05094C593032;If you did not receive the URC above in opencpu, it may be because you did not process the URC in opencpu. You can refer to the OnURCHandler_BTScan function in ril_urc.c to process the scanURC in BLE.There are too many kinds of URC, and we are sure that they are not fully packaged. What is not available in opencpu can be packaged according to your own requirements.Hope the above can help you, thank you