Only got "Error, Detect BB chip info fail!" after starting QFlash tool

After starting the QFlash tool, I only got the error “Error, Detect BB chip info fail!”.

What I did is as follows.
■ Installing the USB driver for Windows
■ Opening the QFlash tool as an administrator

The target module is BG96 and I’m using Windows 10.

4 ports were shown and selecting each port resulted in the error.

Could you please help me to solve this error?

Thank you.

Please download by link and try it again!

Thank you.

I’ll try it.

I installed the QFlash tool v5.9 and started it.

Unfortunately, I got the same error again.

try it again!

Thank you.

Finally, I successfully updated my BG96.

I’m sorry but I chose the wrong file in “Load FW Files”.

I really appreciate your great support.