Obtain wav file from registered call on EM12G module

I have tried to register a wave file during a call between a mobile phone and an EM12G module. The instructions are the following:

ATD#tel; // #tel is the number to call
AT+QAUDRD = 1,“trial.wav”,14,1

AT+QFLST = “*”

The registration file is present in the UFS memory. Can someone please tell me how is it possible to obtain a .wav file of the audio?

Thank you

There are two ways to do this. The first is to export your wav file as binary via the command AT+QFDWL=“filename”. The second is to upload the WAV file in UFS to your FTP server via the FTP command AT+QFTPPUT=“filename”,“COM:”,0. You then get the corresponding wav file from the server, I hope it will help you, thank you.

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Thank you.
If I were to use AT+QFDWL=“filename”, how is it possible to convert it to a wave file? As I have seen, the binary file has the structure of a wave file, but i think something must be changed.
Could you help, please?