Nwscanseq on EG915U?

Hi !

With the previous module we had, we used “nwscanmode” and “nwscanseq” AT+QCFG commands to set

  • that 3G has higher priority than 2G, or
  • that 2G has higher priority than 3G.

Now, we’ll use EG915U module, and it seems that “nwscanseq” no more exists for this module.

Q1) Does “nwscanmodeex” exists, to authorize only 2G and 4G ?

Q2) how can we set
* that 4G has higher priority than 2G ?
* that 2G has higher priority than 4G ?

Q3) What is default behaviour ? 4G first, than 2G if 4G KO ?

Thanks for helping us…

The EG915U module also supports 2G or 4G, please confirm which standard is preferred according to the local network conditions, thank you.

Hello !
Depending on our product configuration, both cases may exist (4G preferred then 2G, or 2G preferred than 4G) ; and also others cases (4G only, 2G only) but these ones are easy to set using nwscanmode.