NSSAI (Slicing) Config Problems with Quectel RM500Q

we try to use slicing with the RM500Q-GL in a SA 5G setup

If we use SST: 0 and SD: 0 it works (it is also configured in gNodeB and Core), but if we try to change the SSD / SD config it does not work.

I see other Topics with the same error, but i did not see the a solution.

I tried to changed the PDP config, but my try result only an error:

Thanks for tips or solutions

best regards
Jonah Mons

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I’m still looking for a solution, any help and tips is welcome :slight_smile:

i try a lot in the meantime and maybe i have figured it out :slight_smile:

To Change the slicing follow this instruction:

  1. Modem needs a running NSSAI config (this means: UE has to be connected to a running gNodeb / Core setup !)
  2. Than Modem can be set to an other configuration with AT+C5GNSSAI
    Can be checkt with AT+C5GNSSAIRDP=3
    +C5GNSSAIRDP: 4,“01.000001”,1,“01#0” ← Target state
    +C5GNSSAIRDP: “20895”,4,“01.000001” ← current state, this have to be matched to the running environment !
  3. Modem has to be restarted, plug out and plug in, NOT WITH CFUN=1,1 !
    If you remote, look at usbreset How do you reset a USB device from the command line? - Ask Ubuntu
  4. Modem should be have now the new slicing configuration, check again with AT+C5GNSSAIRDP=3, last item in list have to be your configuration

this follow the 3gpp definition: Take care on following document: https://www.etsi.org/deliver/etsi_ts/124500_124599/124501/16.09.00_60/ts_124501v160900p.pdf → Section

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Hi Jonah!

I’m testing slicing in NSA 5G with S-NSSAI, but I haven’t gotten past the AT+CGDCONT command; I believe the format is correct, but I’m concerned that once the NSA connection is established, you won’t be able to configure the slicing because you may also receive an LTE connection.

How did you configure your 5G connection? What access technology did you select in order to make the slicing? I’m using E-UTRAN-NR dual connectivity but maybe slicing is only possible with NG-RAN or NR connected to 5GCN.
How did you manage to solve your initial problem? Was it a format problem?

Thanks a lot !