Not switching to external antenna

I am checking LC86GAB with external antenna.
The data is coming ok with internal integrated Antenna. But on connecting the external antenna, $PQTMANTENNASTATUS doesn’t change.
It stays at $PQTMANTENNASTATUS,3,1,2,1*52
AADET_N pin is connected to MCU GPIO as input. I tried AADET_N as floating, Weak PU & Weak PD, but the situation is same.
Does I need to give any command to firmware to enable automatic switching of SPDT ?
Please suggest what else can be done for trouble shooting.

Hi N_N,

Did you connect LC86G with an external passive antenna or an active antenna?

If you connected a passive antenna, the module can’t recognize it, and you need to configure manually.

If you connected an active antenna, can you share me the antenna specification?

Best regards.

Dear Raphel,
I sent the datasheet on your inbox.


Dear Raphel,
I found dry connection on IC pin. It is working now. .