Not able to query the signal strength of NB-IoT


I am using a BG96 module to connect to the NB-IoT network. Currently my goal is to measure the NB-IoT signal strength but AT+QCSQ doesn;t give any output. I am connected to the network.

The verison of my BG96 is BG96MAR02A02MIG.

I am attatching a snapshot for convinence.

Divyansh Gupta

Not getting the desired response for AT+QCSQ. It just returns OK. While querying the supported technologies it doesn’t even say CAT-N1 or CAT-M1.

I’m sorry for answering your question so late.


From the query results you provided, it can be seen that the signal received by your device is relatively weak. Maybe your device did not successfully register the network.So you don’t get the results you want. CSQ results are around 18 Under normal circumstances.You can check the status of the registered network with the following command.


Thank you for the reply but after module’s firmware update it started replying to commad.