Non Blocking socket connection MC60 OpenCpu

I am trying to activate GPRS in NonBlocking mode but unable to activate.

How can I enable GPRS in non blocking.


try Ql_GPRS_Activate() and then in the callback that you put in Ql_GPRS_Register() you can see that.

What module and SDK details are you using? What steps does your operation take?

I tried with Ql_GPRS_ActivateEx( pdpCntxtId, FALSE)

Fail to activate GPRS, cause= -2

-2 meaning “GPRS_PDP_WOULDBLOCK” that mention in ql_gprs.h that mean the GPRS is waiting for interupt .You should define the GPRS connection interupt in ST_PDPContxt_Callback.
I hoop this was helpful.