No signal after restarting module EC25 / EC200


I’m using the EC25-E / EC200S-EU modules through UART on a custom STM32H7 board with the lwIP stack.
So far the module works great.

If for some reason the module needs to be restarted, on rare occasions, after restart, the module reports no signal (RSSI: 99) indefinitely. Only a repeated restart solves the problem.

SIM is OK, and I’m clearing the forbidden networks list (FPLMN) also.

How should I prevent this?

Thank you!

Hi,Can I ask what version of firmware you are using?I want to check if there is a new version to fix this problem.


Thank you!

OK, do you have a lot of mods where this happens, or a few? In addition, I have checked the firmware version of EC25ER06A14M4G, which has optimized part of the network problems. If necessary, please send your email to me, I will send it to you.