NMEA field data - how many characters has some data fields?


I need to use data NMEA standard from $GPGGA, $GPRMC and $GPVTG. Could You tell me how many characters are max possible in:

  • Horizontal dilution of precision (HDOP);
  • Altitude in meters according to WGS84 ellipsoid ;
  • Height of geoid (means sea level) above WGS84 ellipsoid;
  • Speed over ground in km/h;
    I need to know, because data will write to flash memory :). Thanks for help.

it depend on the exact type of GSM module you want to use in your project , since the different GSM module is based on the Platform

thanks for your understanding

Hi, ok - module which is used in project: MC60.

The same question is for: PDOP, VDOP, geoid separation, DGPS Age, DGPS Station ID and speed over ground in knots. Could You confirm - the checksum has always 1 bytes ? (Max. hex value 0xFF) Thanks for help.

for MC60 , I need to submit one ticket internally , thank for your undstanding

I got feedback from R&D ,all NEMA data of MC60 comply with the NEMA standard


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