New to Quectel M.2 modules

Hello dears

I am new to this forum and going to purchase my M.2 module, but I need some hints before purchasing.
Living in Kuwait, what is the best module I could buy? Actually I saw a post from RM502Q GL vs RM500Q GL for 5G SA testing , but in case someone could have all modules lists it can help me a lot.
BTW after purchase, should I ask here for drivers and firmware update for windows/mac?

Thanks for your kind reply and support.


Dear @meloserj
Firstly, you can contact to your provider and ask them to provide firmware and driver.
If you didn’t get from them, you can ask us to provide in forum.

Dear @silvia

Finally I checked from Quectel website the product brochure and I could decided which product will fit my requirement.

I purchased the module from Hangzhou Wildchip Tech from aliexpress and I hope it will arrive next week. According to seller, they have received the latest batch from Quectel on Monday, so the device will most probably has the latest firmware.

To be in safe side, I am requesting below materials:

  1. The latest AT command guide.
  2. Windows 11 or Mac driver.
  3. Firmware update utility.

Upon receiving the board, I will check its firmware version and will post here. Then if possible, you could share the updated firmware.

Thanks a lot for your kind support.


Dear @meloserj
Actually, which module will you use? Please share to me.

Dear @silvia

Please find model and firmware info.

Revision: RM520NGLAAR01A07M4G



Dear @meloserj
I have sent them to you via Message, please check.
We don’t have mac driver, please note this.

Dear @silvia

Thanks a lot, I received the files. Have 2 more requests as below:

  1. May you please send me the latest AT commands file associated with this firmware?
  2. According to release note “It is not recommended to directly modify the pre-set APN profiles. Please create an APN profile after the existed CID number” unfortunately I modified the first APN (never touched ims and sms), so will it cause problem? As in release note it mentioned “with added specific attributes, these attributes are hidden after modification, causing the profile to still be unavailable”, so how I can return those default values to only APN profile 1? I did "AT+CGDCONT=1,“IP”,“APN”. Will it cause problem? Shall I keep the profile as it is now?

Thanks for your usual support


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