New line in text SMS

I want the text SMS to be multi-line.

For example:

I used \r\n between commands. Like this: this\r\n is\r\n test
When the SMS is received. No effect on performance \r\n. Like this: this is test

I tried different ways but I think the UC200T module I am using ignores \r\n
Is there a solution to the problem?

Dear Mbta009,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
You can try to use AT+CMGS command to send different message. It can not support your requirement in one message. Thanks!

I have the same problem on the UC200.
What is strange is that I have UC20, and there is no problem to insert \n in SMS message.

As UC20 will be discontinu, Quectel Support suggest me to change for UC200. Is there a reason to change the behavior of the SMS functionality?

Thank you

Dear Antoine.Nauzet,

Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.

I have already replied to you on another topic, and I will give you a new reply as soon as possible

Thanks & Best Regards!