Network registration denied in BG96

Hi, I’m having troubles with the registration network from a BG96. The last time it was working fine, it connected to LTE Cat M1 then I moved to a place where I know it is GSM network, and it connected to GSM. But then I returned to the place where it is LTE Cat M1 and the device never came back to LTE Cat M1. Finally, I left power off the device for two days, and when I power on it again, it didn’t connect to any network. In the logs I can see +CREG:0,3 that means registration denied. I changed the SIM but it is the same. I tested the SIMs in another BG96 and they are working fne, but in the other BG96 is not working anymore.
Does anyone has an idea of what is going on?

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I suggest you check your SIM card first