Neighbor Cells and SIB

In order to get the best performance of the modules: EG06, EG012 and EG25 We would like to get as much information of the network as possible in this case neighbor cells. When using the neighbor cell AT command most times it returns only the cells using the same earfcn. Do you have a AT command to return all neighbor cells?
At the moment we scan all the used bands in the country, but it is a very slow procedure and it appears the requested information is transmitted by the network in System Information Block (SIB) on the BCCH_DL_SCH channel

At the moment I’m interested in following messages:

SIB2, SIB3, SIB4, SIB5 and SIB6 these will give information of surrounding cells and cells on the tower.

Will it be possible to get this information from your modem?

Dear Sir,
We just have such AT command to search neighbor cells. Please check the following my test log, it can show the cells using different earfcn, so the command it OK. Just please check the real network environment. Thanks!
By the way, the SIB informtion just can be seen from OTA log information. You need use the special tool to get the log files. If you need the tool, you can contact our local FAE to get it or send email to to get it. Thanks!

Dear Kyson,

As I mentioned in my first mail your neighborcell command tends to only report one or in you case two bands. The neighborcell scanning is specified by the network operator and does not give the complet or even close to picture of neighbor cells. Where the SIB information does.OTA log information could be an option to verify this, but as far as I know it can not bee used operationel in running software.

Dear Sir,
About such situation, it is better to check the network environment, or the antenna connection, or change another SIM card etc…
About SIB information, please contact our local FAE to get the tool to catch module debug log, then you can see the SIB information like the following. Thanks!