Neighbor cell cell id


I’m cruise to know if I’m using ec25 and I want to see my neighbor cells I’m using
at+qeng= servingcell but Im only getting PCI

is there any way to get eNodeB or cell ID?

Thank for your time

You can read neighbour cell info with AT+QENG="neighbourcell"

But the modem can have no knowledge of cell ID for any cell if it’s not the serving cell.

Cells are identified within the geographical reach of the modem by the unique combination of channel (ARFCN) and physical cell ID (PCI).

Neighbour cells labeled as “intra” in the result will have the same eNB ID as the serving cell. They will differ only in their PCI value.

The eNB IDs of cells labeled “inter” are unknown, unless you accumulate “intra” data about them from other command runs (by the force changing of bands for example).

The rightmost two digits of the hex cell ID often identify sector (direction) and band info. But this is at the discretion of the provider.

Eg, I know that an Optus cell with a sector ID of 0x39 is on B7 and is facing approximately N or NE.

You can, of course, use the channel and PCI from the AT+QENG="neighbourcell" result to cell-lock the modem to an individual cell. Once locked, that cell becomes the serving cell, and you can read the cell ID then.

See: Lock on a specific ARFCN in EC25

On reviewing my old data logs, I realize that is not correct, and “intra” cells can be on different eNB IDs.