Need review of my PCB placement of RF & GPS antenna made using EC200u module

Hi team,
Could you please help me verify my PCB layout once, where condition of MY PCB to be made in compact size , not big than 5*5 cm.

Quectel EC-200U itself is 3*3.5 cm approx,

is following placement could be fine, if clearance etc taken carefully
Screenshot 2023-05-28 at 09.01.42

if above is totally wrong, then can someone please suggest, how i can get done PCB in 5*5 with ec200u module with onboard LTE & GPS antenna.

Hi narend,
If the size of the PCB is small, you can consider using FPC antennas and attached to the device’s casing.

Thanks sir for your reply, Yeah previously we were using same, but due to our use-case in vehicle vibration & movement may affect much signals, so we planned to keep onboard both RF & GPS antenna.
if you sure, that for our use-case, we can use FPC antenna, then my point is, we seen FPC for RF but for GPS is there any Small FPC active antenna you can recommend.

Actually our main concern in GPS accuracy, i tried in external active antenna, GPS data got loss sometimes due to vibration/movement. so was trying for small & affordable GPS antenna onboard.

FPC antennas are usually passive, and there are no active GNSS FPC antennas.
We have some GNSS antennas for your reference:

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